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About Us

Party Prints® is a company that specializes in unique, hands-on party kits. The company was started by a mother of three children who wanted to do something fun, creative, inexpensive and memorable for her oldest son’s birthday. She created the first Party Prints shirt with the words “It’s My Birthday, Give Me A Hand!”. She had everyone at the party put their handprint on the shirt and sign it. When he wore his shirt, people wanted to know where they could purchase it. The product line includes Birthday, Holiday, Military, Graduation, Teacher Appreciation, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Family Reunion, Baby Showers, Reunions and more!

Girl with Paint on Her Hands

The Kits

The kits come with everything needed to create fun and lasting memories – shirt, fabric pen, fabric paint and paint spreader brush.  Each shirt is graphically designed and pre-printed stating the nature of the occasion. 

Some of the shirts are also used to trace the hand and write a special message to the recipient for the occasion.  Fabric pen is included!

Party Prints kits are unique and have been issued a United States Patent.

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