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Customize Your Clothes & Accessories

Try our Screen Printing, Embroidery, Party Prints™ kits for your Anniversary, Reunions, Baby and Wedding Shower, Retirement, Graduation, Fraternities, Sororities or College Bound etc. 

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Personalize your apparel with custom designs.
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Party Prints™ is an Arkansas-based company that specializes in creative, competitively priced, quality custom apparel and promotional products.  We are in the business for repeat business and are blessed with a loyal following.

Party Prints was originally created to highlight our hands-on party kits. Our kits are unique and have been issued a United States patent.

These kits allow everyone to participate in the party by decorating the shirt with their handprints, foot print or whatever you like for the guest of honor. These shirts can be used and treasured as a keepsake of the occasion for years to come.The kits can be used at any special occasion and party such as Birthdays, Retirement, Anniversary, Graduation, Baby and Wedding Showers, etc.

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